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RSecurity is an innovative player in the cybersecurity industry. They are at the forefront of cybersecurity with a specialized team consisting of former intelligence and cyber unit personnel, government employees, and talented individuals from the cybersecurity industry.


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The Challenge

Following its launch and early success, RSecurity encountered significant costs related to hosting its cybersecurity tools on Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a startup, RSecurity had anticipated cloud expenses, but they found their monthly AWS billing exceeding $600. This unexpected increase was due to their rapid growth and the need to scale their infrastructure to meet client demands.

RSecurity’s cutting-edge cybersecurity services required substantial computing power, and their use of cloud resources was critical for flexibility and scalability. However, this also introduced challenges in controlling costs, especially with the intense computational needs of their assessment tools and penetration testing frameworks.

To address these financial pressures, RSecurity began exploring ways to optimize their AWS usage. This included refining their tool deployment strategies, consolidating resources where possible, and leveraging AWS’s cost management features to monitor and reduce unnecessary expenses. Through these efforts, RSecurity aimed to continue providing top-tier cybersecurity services while managing their operational costs more effectively.

What did
Emerge Tech do

RSecurity and Emerge Tech’s shared vision of combining robust infrastructure with cost-effective solutions made their partnership an ideal fit. Emerge Tech has been collaborating with RSecurity since July 2022 on two major workstreams: Private Cloud Services and SIEM Infrastructure Integration.

Private Cloud Services – Emerge Tech has been helping RSecurity reduce hosting costs by 40% compared to AWS by providing efficient and scalable private cloud services. This collaboration has allowed RSecurity to maintain high-performance infrastructure without the steep costs typically associated with public cloud platforms. Emerge Tech’s private cloud solutions are tailored to the specific needs of RSecurity, ensuring optimal resource usage and flexibility.

SIEM Infrastructure Integration – Emerge Tech supplied RSecurity with a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) infrastructure, designed to streamline monitoring and improve threat intelligence capabilities. This integration allows RSecurity to gain deeper insights into their security landscape, facilitating quicker detection and response to potential threats. With these enhancements, RSecurity can offer clients an even more reliable and secure service while maintaining a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

Through this partnership, Emerge Tech has become a critical component in RSecurity’s strategy to scale operations while minimizing costs and maximizing security. Their collaboration demonstrates the value of innovative solutions in addressing the unique challenges faced by cybersecurity firms

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