Jet Series

They are produced as AC in different models for 1000 – 5000 kg doors.


High Level Performance

Jet Motor is an industrial type motor, designed to avoid wasting time at gate, for high security requiring places e.g. military, police, business centers and factory entrances where assassination attempt is a matter of concern. Being developed for intensive use, JET motors endure non-stop operation which is unlikely to be obtained from standard motors.

Technical Data

Type JET2000 JET3000 JET4000
Maximum Gate Weight 2000kg 3000kg 4000kg
Protection Rating IP54
Power Supply 230 V 50/60 Hz
Motor Voltage 380 V 50/60 Hz
Control Unit GA PLUS
Current Draw 3 A 4,3 A 5,9 A
Maximum Power 750W 1100W 1500W
Opening time Speed Control - 12 m/min - 40 m/min
Maximum torque 77 Nm 112 Nm 154 Nm
Continuously of operation 100%
Pulling power 3200N 3800N 4450N
Limit switch type Electromechanical
Pinion module 4(Z18)
Pinion rotation speed Average 93 rpm
Slow Down Adjustable
Manual use With personal key
Working temperature -20C min +70C max
Motor weight 21,6 Kg 40 Kg 40 Kg
Measures in "mm" JET2000 JET3000 JET4000
A 175 214
B 434 500
C 442 498
D 250 283
E 142 158
F 184 200
G 102 119
H 300 352



Garden Gate Motor

Jet 2000 Dimensions

Jet Series Catalog


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