Active Series

They are produced as AC-DC in different models for 600 – 1000 kg. doors.


Practical Plug And Go

Designed to be easily installed and maintenance-free, Active motor is a durable and safe product. Manufactured using advanced technology. Robustly designed, with high pressure forming plastic components and special-alloy subchassis.

Technical Data

Type AC 600 AC 600S AC 1000 DC 400
Maximum Gate Weight 600kg 600kg 1000kg 400kg
Protection Rating IP54
Power Supply 230 V 50/60 Hz
Motor Voltage 230 V 50/60 Hz 24 V
Control Unit RDV 16 / OHM70 HAY 5 RDV 16 / OHM71 H-TECH 71
Current Draw 1 A 2.1 A 2 A 10 A Max
Maximum Power 280W 500W 550W 380W
Opening time 10m/dk 20m/dk 10m/dk 12m/dk
Maximum torque 58 Nm 73 Nm 103 Nm 40 Nm
Continuously of operation 75% 75% 75% 100%
Pulling power 700N 950N 2100N 680N
Limit switch type Electromechanical
Pinion module 4(Z18)
Pinion rotation speed 46rpm 92rpm 46rpm 46rpm
Slow Down Not available Available Not available Available
Manual use With personal key
Working temperature -20C min +70C max
Motor weight 9,6 Kg 12 Kg 12 Kg 7,8 Kg



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