Who We Are ?

Emergetech is a Home Automation Company has Experience in providing World Class Automation Solution. We provide a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle with endless integration. Our stunning solutions are user friendly, energy efficient and also provide great value for money.

Why Emergetech ?

Converting ideas into reality

Emergetech provides 100% customize solutions according to the need. You can convert simply all logical or illogical ideas into reality and can make your life luxuries.

Energy efficiency

Energy use in an economical manner is the responsibility of every one. Our first priority is to protect the environment, but energy efficiency is also important under economic aspects. Emergetech provides the intelligent energy saving technique, for energy consumption.

AVL (audio, video and lighting)

With a fully incorporated Audio, Video and lighting management program, Emergetech turns the family media room or expertly designs home theater into the ultimate watching experience. With Emergetech’s AVL solutions, your home theater becomes a complete brilliant control system. It controls your media, intelligent lighting, curtains, temperature etc.


Emergetech promises an endless integration of all types of electronics, electrical, and electromechanical equipments that can be operated through a centralized system. Thus we promise the maximum utilization of technology.


Emergetech always designs convenient solutions based on the need, and with this anyone can use our solutions with ease. Thus we promise the maximum utilization of technology.

One touch solution

Emergetech’s one touch solution use smart devices to simply touch a picture of the Real Lights Curtains Camera Security System in the space (I-pad or tabs) you want to manage and not only the light in the room will on/off or dim when pressed. But it will also illuminate on the I Pad to validate the control.

Great value for money

Emergetech understands customer’s expectations and value of their money by providing user friendly and energy efficient solutions with ease. Emergetech Promises 100% Luxury, comfort world class high end solutions with very reasonable cost Emergetech not only save your project cost but also helps to save your operation and day to day cost.

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation means to provide spaces like homes, Building, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals and other with technology capable of administrate all its facilities and services like natural and artificial lighting, air conditioning, security, wealth, entertainment, communication, irrigation and electro domestics.

Is the administration of all your equipments in only one central unit, accessible from everywhere around the world.

Our earth is truly divine and fascinating place in the universe, but it is getting abused by human beings and their growth. We all are the part of the earth and it is our responsibility to make our earth a better place to live in. With the same thought technique breaths fresh air into the sphere of automation with Emergetech.

Emergetech is the path towards your imagination and Emergetech is truly the future of automation.



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